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Read this page fully before applying.

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Model Requirements

  • Allows observers in the room to observe the consult, discussions, and rendering of treatment. Observers will ask questions to both the model patient and the others in the room.

  • Allow full release of photography and videography.

  • Is open to questions from staff / observers, and offers feedback if questions are asked.

  • Must be able to come in on a specific date and time. You will be given a designated time, if you are late you will not be treated and you will lose your deposit. 

  • A $300 deposit is required.

  • We reserve the right to cancel these appointments if any changes in Observer’s schedule changes. We will refund your deposit if so. 

Model Perks

  • Receive discounts on services.

Please understand that we receive many applications to be a model and we cannot take on everyone. There are specific requirements and we sometimes do not have full control of choosing. We thank you for understanding and we keep applications for future opportunities.


We will contact you with model opportunities

Please upload a few images of your face, unanimated. 

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Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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