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We may be able to acquire some antibody tests.  If so, we are willing to perform these tests on current patients and priority to will be given to first responders. Understand that this is a service we are offering for those that want to be tested for anti-bodies, we cannot diagnosis or treat COVID-19. You do not need to have this service with us as there will be a charge. If you want a free test or to use your insurance, know that we cannot offer that.

These are limited and we will not be able to test everyone. First responders and those on the frontline will be given priority.  

Please read everything below. 

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  • THIS IS NOT A TEST FOR COVID-19, this is an umbrella test for any COVID related anti-bodies, not specifically for COVID-19.

  • We will be testing front liners first (first responders, medical staff, volunteers, etc).

  • This is a non-essential service and we do not bill insurance. Not having this test is an option. We are offering this as a service to help our community.

  • To have this test, you should NOT BE HAVING SYMPTOMS AT THE TIME. Please be considerate of those who are offering this test. If you are having symptoms, you should go visit your doctor or go to ER.

  • We cannot diagnosis or treat COVID-19 illnesses.

  • You will have to sign a waiver, we cannot guarantee accuracy of tests or results. We are simply administering the test.

  • You will be given a date and a time. You will have a window to arrive, it will be first come/first served during this window.

  • There will be a charge for this test. We cannot take insurance. This is a cash-pay service. There are other options for this test through other providers and other facilities.




Unfortunately, we have to charge for this test.

After many requests from our patients, we thought for days if we should offer this and open ourselves up to be scrutinized for performing this for a set price but this is the only way in which we could offer this.  

We will have to charge more for this test than you would likely pay at your doctor or other facility. As much as we wish we could offer this test free of charge or at a very low cost, we are two small practices that when combined could only come up with a staff of 3 people together to offer this test. We do not have the capacity to test several people or bill insurance. We also are not seeking government reimbursement from offering this test. We are not here to test the masses. We are here to offer this as a service to our patients and there will be a charge of $100-$145 per person. This is the only way we will be able to offer this test given the systems we need to put into place, the risk to our staff, and the necessary precautions we need to take. Please be considerate that we are risking our safety too as none of us have the anti-bodies. This is test is not for everyone. There are other options through other healthcare channels. Unfortunately, our healthcare system falls short when it comes to accessible healthcare.

There is also a limited supply of tests in which we are able to order. We do not seek to order a large amount of tests. 

We thank you for understanding.



Understand that we may not be able to treat everyone due to the lack of tests and our capacity. We are trying to get these tests now.  If you are seeking a COVID-19 test or are experiencing symptoms, we cannot treat you. If you are ill or compromised you should not receive a test from us.

Are you a current patient of Dentistry on Carmel or Med Boutique?
Do you currently have any symptoms such as cough, fever, and/or body aches?
Have you had any COVID-19 symptoms?
Do you think you have been exposed to someone who either tested positive or has symptoms of COVID-19?
Are you a first responder or working for an essential business?
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