Dr. Carlene Ashley, DO

Voted a Charlotte Top Doctor 2019

by her peers.



Dr. Carlene Ashley was born in Lewiston, Maine and grew up in Tampa, Florida.  She attended the University of South Florida then went on to Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine for medical school.

Dr. Ashley's keen eye for aesthetics led her to choose the path towards becoming a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. A fellowship of Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. Elam in Newport Beach, California followed.  Dr. Ashley then began her first practice in Newport Beach, California. She was the first female plastic surgeon in Newport Beach and had a very successful practice there for 9 years.

Wanting to be closer to her family, Dr. Ashley returned to Tampa, Florida and began her second successful Cosmetic Surgery Center for 11 years.

Dr. Ashley then moved to South West Virginia to practice in the field of Mohs Cancer surgeries for 8 years.

Wanting to be back in the city, Dr. Ashley moved to Charlotte, NC to do what she loves-beautifying people! She started Med Boutique with her daughter Janelle Ashley, as a private practice in 2013. Welcome.



Co-Founder + Aesthetic Guru

Janelle, our resident cheerleader and woman-power encourager, is addicted to flavored coffee and Vietnamese Food! Janelle is an aesthetic consultant, our practice manager and lover of big hair! She'll give you a high-five, or a hug :)

Favorite Things: Injectables (Liquid Lifts!) all day long!!!



Allie keeps our office functional and flowing. She is originally from Charlotte. She's a connoisseur of local food and loves going to live concerts. And she loves weiner dogs :)



Jackie is a lover of sour patch kids and funky sneakers. She is a model and a true fashionista!


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